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Filmul de Piatra & Caravana Cinematografica – toroff4 pre-festival

We are happy to announce our second pre-screening leading up to the 4th Annual Toronto-Romanian Film Festival, happening this Saturday, May 7th.

We invite you to join us for a free double bill at Hart House within the University of Toronto at 6:30 in the East Common Room.  We will open with a selection of nominated and award winning shorts from the 2011 edition of the Filmul de Piatra – Stone Film Festival in Piatra Neamt, Romania.  This selection was curated for ToRo by friend and former festival guest, director Andrei Dascalescu.

You Can’t Hide Love From Gipsies
5 min, winner of Best Experimental Film
directed by: Mara Trifu
A story about a man-dog who meets a fortune teller and gets transformed into a reindeer.

Two Truths
3 min, runner-up Best Animated Film
directed by: Melinda Kadar
A couple’s fight reveals a bit too much about the relationship.

Doll’s Eye
15 min, winner of Audience Award
directed by: Bogdan Dragoi, Doru Dragoi
A mockumentary about the a revolutionary Romanian film that is about to change the film industry as you know it.

Something Better
2 min, runner-up Best Experimental Film
directed by: Roxana Mocanu
They think they know everything about each other, but they both want something else.

3 min, runner-up Best Music Video
directed by: Catalin Bugean
music by: Florin Maxineanu
A satire music video from which you might find out more about Romanians’ aspirations.

Heavy Weight
12 min, runner-up Best Fiction
directed by: Olivia Caciuleanu
What seemed to be left in the past, can always come and haunt your present.

3 min, winner of Best Animated Film
directed by: Roxana Bentu
The evolution of man in today’s society.

Bucharest Bicycle Thief
9 min, winner of Best Documentary
directed by: Vlad Ursulean
How hard is it to steal a bicycle in Bucharest? We’ve tried 16 times.

Life Buoy
4 min, winner of best Music Video
directed by: Dragos Bardac
music by: The Pixels
Mostly stop-motion animated video about a boy and his life.

13 min, runner-up Best Fiction
directed by: Cristina Grosan
30 years old single, accomplished life, looking for nobody.

Strung Love
22 min, winner of Audience Award
directed by: Victor Dragomir
May, 1984. Viorel, a nerd from the smithing class hopes to win the attention and affection of Ileana, a schoolmate from the sewing class.

Once night falls (expected to be around 8:45) we will rejoin at the Hart House courtyard for, weather permitting, an outdoor screening of “Kino Caravan” (2010), directed by Titus Munteanu and starring Dorian Boguta and Ioana Lumanare.

“It is Romania, early 60’s. An old truck transformed into a “Kino Caravan” is visiting a remote, isolated mountain village from Transylvania as to screen Russian propaganda films. It’s the first official propaganda job for our young hero (Tavi) and he’s trying his best to fulfill it.”

In case of adverse conditions, the screening will be held in the East Common Room.

6:30 pm – Expose – Filmul de Piatra/ Stone Film Festival (East Common Room, Hart House)

8:45 pm – “Kino Caravan”/ “Caravana Cinematografica”
*start time will depend on the sunset

Hart House is located with the University of Toronto St. George Campus:
7 Hart House Circle, Toronto, ON M5S 3H3

For any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact The ToRo Team.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday!

The ToRo Team