Romanian Students Club

University of Waterloo Romanian Student Association

University of Waterloo Romanian Student Association
Asociatia Studentilor Romani la University of Waterloo

The Romanian Student Association at University of Waterloo serves to promote a sense of Romanian traditions and culture. The club aims to bring together and raise awareness of the Romanian-Canadian community on campus. We provide students with the opportunity to appreciate the diverse Romanian culture, history, and language.

Each year we strive to plan innovative and creative activities, in order to meet the needs and interests of our members. Past events have included Romanian movie nights, parties, and concerts. We also organize activities in collaboration with other Eastern European student groups on campus, as well as with Romanian Student Associations at other universities.


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We are always looking for new students to join the association. In order to join a club you must provide the following information and attend one of the club’s general meetings. All information is collected in accordance with University Student Club regulation and kept in strict confidentiality.

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