ToRo Arts Group

there is no bull in toro and we do not do bull runs. toro arts group showcases and nurtures art… do the toro!

ToRo Arts Group showcases and nurtures artistic endeavours and their concomitant byproducts, by making possible the interaction between the artists who create art and the enthusiasts who consume it.


Our ongoing concern is the exposition of Romanian culture, as it manifests itself through a variety of artistic mediums, for all the relevant communities in Toronto. The promotion of creative expressions, as they originate from a variegated gamut of cultural spaces, sources and environments, further augments the aforementioned.


The Toronto-Romanian Annual Film Festival. Since 2008.


A non-profit organization based in Toronto, Canada, which promotes Romanian art and culture, envisioning not only the Romanian diaspora in Toronto, but addressing the whole community.


We encourage all artists to contact the ToRo for additional information on how your creative endeavours, projects, creations, ideas (etc?), can be included in, or as part of one of our future events.