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Rosia Montana’s Day @ McConnell Engineering Building, Montreal | Feb 6

Manuela Oanes and Radu Păltineanu presents an evening celebrating Rosia Montana’s Day with the screening of “Rosia Montana, Town on the Brink” documentary by Fabian Daub on February 6.

Rosia Montana’s Day
Thursday, February 6, 2014 from 6pm until 9pm

Engineering Common Room, McConnell Engineering Building, McGill University
3480 University Street, Montreal

Join us in celebrating 1883 years of continuous existence of the Rosia Montana settlement, as well as recent efforts to include the ancient Roman site (containing some of the oldest mines in Europe, as well as source to some crucial testimonials about trading laws in the Roman Empire) in the UNESCO World Heritage and thus ensure its preservation!

Get to know how you could spend your summer in one of the most beautiful region of Romania by volunteering to help in the conservation of old historical houses from Rosia Montana.

Evening schedule

  • 18:00 – Documentary film screening
  • 20:00 Discussion

Rosia Montana, Town on the Brink (2012, 98min)





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  1. I don’t understand why it is ignored that the people actually FROM Rosia Montana want the mining project to start, it’s the only real chance for the area to develop! such events are in no way helpful for the community, investments in mining would be!

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