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McGill Romanian Student Society
Societatea Studentilor Romani la McGill

The McGill Romanian Student Society is a society that aims to provide the Romanian community at McGill a place where Romanian students can meet, create friendships and have fun together in the typical good humored atmosphere that goes with the Romanian nature. Meeting a fellow Romanian student is like finding a sunken treasure in the deep sea; simply beautiful. We want to make this beauty accessible to the whole community. Whether it is the cultural innuendos, the merry atmosphere, or the witty remarks, there is something special about us that we want the world to see. While open to all students who have an attraction for our culture, the society is dedicated to representing the voice and interests of the McGill Romanian community; anyone that wants to help, has an opinion, idea, project is welcome to join us and get involved.

The association’s dream is to create a tight-knit community at McGill by hosting enjoyable events where students of common interest or background are brought and mixed together. Since most of us are at a home away from home, we also hope to create an atmosphere that brings back the kind of fun students have in Romania. In order to to that, we propose a series of small and regular events as well as larger and less frequent events. ‘Traditional’ events such as the year-opening ,,Balul Bobocilor’’ party bring a little bit of Romania to McGill by showing off how Romanian students start off the year with dances, food, drink and fun. Other events throughout the year include movie nights, laser tag, the ,,Romanian House & Club Music Party,’’ and the End of Year Party among various others.

Apart from good times, the association intends to showcase Romania’s rich culture for the entire McGill community to see. As an under-represented group, we propose to even the balance by participating in multicultural events regularly hosted by McGill and the SSMU. Be on the lookout for us because we may be hosting barbecues featuring the famous mouth-watering ,,mititei’’ or giving away ,,martisoare’’ near springtime. We also wish to share Romania’s history, traditions, and dances through activities and various interactive and fun events on or off campus.

This association was founded with hard work and good faith, and it is with hard work and good faith that it will strive to see its goals accomplished. Our team is made up of good spirited volunteers; commitment is encouraged, and all who are amiable are invited to participate. We sincerely hope our members find themselves within this association and enjoy themselves in creating bonds and memories to share as time goes by.


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