From the Shadows / Din Umbre – Promo 1

From the Shadows / Din Umbre tells a history twenty years in the making – the rise of a subculture and its struggle to build and define Romanian Hip Hop (https://vimeo.com/58950611)

Artists (in order of appearance): Norzeatic, Vlad Dobrescu, Bogman, Carbon, Rimaru, Puya, DOC.
Concert footage with: C.T.C., Dragonu’, Grupul de Rezistenta, Subcarpati, Norzeatic, Cedry2k, Pushlamale.

Additional Camera: Sandra Spighel and Marius Donici
Sound Recording: Andrei Boanță
Music: Instrumental 1 – Pirats Klan, Instrumental 2 – Pirats Klan – Viata Reala, beat by Ortega.

Thank you to:
Vlad Plăiasu, Vlad Voinescu, Sandra Spighel, Casa TIFF, Dianei 4

Produced by: Avant Depuis
Co-produced by: Translucid

Read more about this project at http://www.cevaromanesc.com/from-the-shadows-din-umbre/

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