Carleton University Romanian Student Association

We are looking for Carleton students interested in registering the club with CUSA’s Clubs & Societies Office.

Carleton University Romanian Student Association
Asociatia Studentilor Romani la Universitatea Carleton

The Romanina Student Association aims to organize social, cultural, and educational activities that can provide a basis for consolidation of fellowship among its members; to welcome newly arrived or prospective Carleton University Romanian students and provide to them assistance and information about life in Ottawa and Gatineau and events organized by RSACU; to disseminate information about Romanian culture, history, traditions, and language to interested students.

We would like to provide a basis for broader and far reaching events for the Romanian and Friends of Romanian members of our community. We welcome all those that not only have a Romanian background, but a Romanian attitude too, an affinity or curiosity for Romania, Vampire Candidates in general!​​ Come work with us, we are excited, we are aware and we are honored to work for you! Yes, YOU!

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