Romanian Students Club

Carleton University Romanian Student Association

Carleton University Romanian Student Association
Asociatia Studentilor Romani la Universitatea Carleton

The Romanina Student Association aims to organize social, cultural, and educational activities that can provide a basis for consolidation of fellowship among its members; to welcome newly arrived or prospective Carleton University Romanian students and provide to them assistance and information about life in Ottawa and Gatineau and events organized by RSACU; to disseminate information about Romanian culture, history, traditions, and language to interested students.

We would like to provide a basis for broader and far reaching events for the Romanian and Friends of Romanian members of our community. We welcome all those that not only have a Romanian background, but a Romanian attitude too, an affinity or curiosity for Romania, Vampire Candidates in general!​​ Come work with us, we are excited, we are aware and we are honored to work for you! Yes, YOU!

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