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BC Romanian Community Center (BCRCC)

The BC Romanian Community Center (BCRCC) is a non-profit organization officially founded on April 10, 2001 as per Society Act (BC Laws) at the collective written agreement of its 9 founding members.


  • To preserve, enhance, and promote the cultural and spiritual heritage of the members of the Romanian-Canadian community in British Columbia and to pass them to the younger generations
  • To provide means through which members of the Romanian-Canadian community may coordinate their efforts of integration, enhancement and development in the Canadian system and society.
  • To stimulate intra-community dialog and friendship, and act actively for the Romanian-Canadian community’s accomplishment in artistic, cultural, scientific, and economic fields
  • To stimulate inter-community dialog and multicultural contacts within the Canadian society
  • To stimulate closer liaison and encourage closer cooperation between specific groups, associations, organizations with similar status and purpose.

Board of Directors 2012-2013

  • Felicia Costea – President
  • Marcela Neciu-Lamb – Vice-President
  • Dana Ciocan – Secretary
  • Teodor Boiesan – Finances
  • Ramona Anton-Dykeman
  • Catalin Tofan
  • Manuela Coroiu

BC Romanian Community Center (BCRCC) / Centrul Comunitar Romanesc din British Columbia

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