The Art of the Piano: Teo Milea @ Gallery 345 | DEC 4

You are invited to the Canadian debut of Teo Milea at Gallery 345 on December 4th.

You are invited to the Canadian debut of Teo Milea at Gallery 345 on December 4th.

The Art of the Piano: Teo Milea
Friday, December 4, 2015 at 8pm

Gallery 345
345 Sorauren Avenue, Toronto

Tickets are $20 regular and $10 Students. Cash only at the door. To reserve seats please write

For 24 years, during which time he learned to read and play the music of his classical mentors, Teo Milea has searched within himself to raise improvisation to the rank of composition. His memories, stories, moments of agony and ecstasy were all comprised in his first piano album On white… and black keys, released in 2012.

The album revealed through seven songs as being a pianist and a composer belonging to two worlds: the world of classical music and the world of new music of the 21st century. His entire work is based on interpersonal relations, the moods and needs of modern society, passion and desire to conquer new soul territories not yet explored.

Since the release of his first album in 2012, he has performed his own compositions in his native country, Romania, but also in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Spain, bringing dozens of colors to his audience through his music. The energy bursting out of his piano paints souls, fills emptiness, brings smiles.

Now, Teo Milea is paving the way for another premiere: his first piano recital in Toronto, with a brand new solo piano album, Open Minds.

“Through my music I met a new, honest world, smiling and with a radiating joy. I stepped into the world I had dreamed of and wished for, the world of open-minded people, the universe where fairy-tales are told through the voice of music. With Open Minds, my piano music enters a new dimension of sensitivity and perception; it is a call for tolerance, joy and friendship. My audience needs neither specialty studies, nor a musical lexicon to understand my compositions. My audience understands my message exactly and in real time, it doesn’t seek to decode subsequently what I tried to transmit in one hour of recital. My music is a targeted one, with instant effect. Music is a cure for the soul! (Teo Milea)

Teo Milea started to play the piano at 6 years old and graduated from the Music Faculty at the West University from Timisoara, Romania, in 2003. He worked as a répétiteur at the National College of the Arts at the Music Faculty and at the School of Arts in Timisoara. ‘

Among those who helped him as a musician were masters Gabriel Amiras (Germany) and Arkady Sevidov (Russia). At first it was classical music. He attended various national and international piano competitions for music lovers across the country and beyond, from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary or the United States. In 2010 he was invited by the Vienna State Opera to perform as part of the International Opera Festival in St. Margarethen, in “The Magic Flute” by W. Mozart. He also spent a good amount of time in Switzerland and Germany, where he performed in a duo-formula piano – panflute.

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