Romanian Movies on Netflix

List of Romanian movies and documentaries available to stream on Netflix

If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle / Eu Cand Vreau Sa Fluier, Fluier (2010)
Directed by Florin Serban

Just days before his scheduled release from a reformatory, teenage delinquent Silviu takes a pretty social worker hostage and threatens to kill her unless his estranged mother promises not to separate him from his younger brother.


Tuesday, After Christmas / Marti, Dupa Craciun (2010)

Directed by Radu Muntean

Paul Hanganu (Mimi Branescu) is in love with two women: Adriana (Mirela Oprisor), his wife of 10 years, and Raluca (Maria Popistasu), his mistress of the past several months. Now, at a crossroads, Paul is forced to choose between them in this drama from Romanian director Radu Muntean. Combining careful staging and emotionally intense dialogue, the film presents an unblinking profile of a man in crisis and the women whose lives he’s ensnared.


Eva (2010)
Directed by Adrian Popovici

While engaging in an on-and-off relationship with Tudor (Vincent Regan) — her one true love who has a heartbreaking history of vanishing mysteriously — Eva (Amy Hayes) explores romances with other men, becomes pregnant and experiences more than her fair share of tragedy. Set in Romania during World War II, this drama also features Michael Ironside, Patrick Bergin, Dustin Milligan and Vanessa Redgrave.


Police, Adjective / Politist, Adjectiv (2009)
Directed by Corneliu Porumboiu

Undercover cop Cristi (Dragos Bucur) trails suspected pot dealer Victor (Radu Costin) through the decrepit streets of Vaslui, but when he learns that the suspect is just a teen who sometimes gets high with his pals, he refuses to make an arrest. Unfortunately, Cristi’s boss (Ioan Stoica) isn’t quite as forgiving. The Romanian New Wave rolls on strongly with this complex drama from writer-director Corneliu Porumboiu.

US (available until 13-10-01):

Tales from the Golden Age / Amintiri din Epoca de Aur (2009)
Directed by Hanno Höfer, Razvan Marculescu, Cristian Mungiu, Constantin Popescu, Ioana Uricaru

Everyday life in 1980s Romania under Ceausescu takes on an air of comic surrealism in this whimsical collection of shorts written by award-winning filmmaker Cristian Mungiu and helmed by several acclaimed Romanian directors.


4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days / 4 luni, 3 saptamâni si 2 zile (2007)
Directed by Cristian Mungiu

In the last days of communism in Romania, college student Gabita wants to end her unplanned pregnancy. With help from best friend and fellow student Otilia, Gabita seeks an abortion — which is illegal under the oppressive Ceausescu regime.

2008 Independent Spirit Awards® – Best Foreign Film nominee
2008 Golden Globe Awards® Best Foreign Language Film nominee


California Dreamin’ / Nesfarsit (2007)
Directed by Cristian Nemescu

When a NATO train on a mission is stalled by a village functionary (Razvan Vasilescu), the Marines escorting the train (Armand Assante and Jamie Elman) are besieged by the mayor, love-struck local women and striking factory workers, all trying to use the delay to their own advantage. Based on an actual incident, this is the final film by acclaimed Romanian director Cristian Nemescu, who died a few weeks after its completion.


The Way I Spent the End of the World / Cum Mi-am Petrecut Sfarsitul Lumii (2006)
Directed by Catalin Mitulescu

In 1989 Romania, plucky 17-year-old Eva Matei (Doroteea Petre) comes of age as she schemes to escape the country’s tyranny with help from her recalcitrant neighbor (Cristian Vararu). Meanwhile, as her parents endure the brutal dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu, Eva’s 7-year-old brother (Timotei Duma) plots to kill the despot. Writer-director Catalin Mitulescu’s powerful, astute feature debut also stars Ionut Becheru and Mircea Diaconu.



The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu / Autobiografia lui Nicolae Ceausescu (2010)
Directed by Andrei Ujica

Track the rise and fall of Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu through this innovative historical documentary, which constructs his portrait by only using archival footage from speeches, pubic appearances, international visits and home movies. Culling more than 1,000 hours of recordings, director Andrei Ujica spent four years creating this detailed epic, which strives to reveal the powerful leader’s true character.


Children Underground (2001)
Directed by Edet Belzberg

This Oscar-nominated documentary explores the tragic policy decision by Romanian dictator Nicolei Ceaucescu to outlaw the use of contraceptives and encourage his impoverished populace to have more children. Thousands of children were born to broken or dysfunctional families in a nation mired in political and economic instability, resulting in a large and rapidly growing population of homeless children in the city of Bucharest.

2002 Academy Awards® – Best Documentary Feature nominee
2001 Sundance Film Festival® – Grand Jury Prize: Documentary nominee



The Way Back (2010)

Code Unknown / Code Inconnu (2000)


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