Romanian Folklorama

The Romanian Pavilion, sponsored by The Romanian Society of Manitoba Inc., presents delicious foods, traditional music and dancing, cultural and folkloric display, at the Folklorama multicultural festival in Winnipeg.

The Romanian Pavilion has consecutively been part of Folklorama for the past 12 years. The pavilion reopened its doors at the St Eugene Parish Church on St Mary’s Road and was there for five years . The pavilion then moved to The Copa off Main Street and moved to the new Copa residence further down Main Street. It then moved to CanadInns Garden City for two years. Now the pavilion proudly presents their newest venue- Bronx Community Center, with air conditioning, children’s activities, and a whole new menu, this is our most favourite venue yet! We will offer you an evening of great entertainment, delicious foods, traditional music and dancing, cultural and folkloric display, and a beautiful souvenir stand. We thank you for your interest in sharing our traditions with us!

This year we have a whole new show which we proudly present to Winnipeg. There are dances which showcase our children which range from ages 5-13 and all new adult dances which will let you leap to your feet. We also proudly present musicians who are part of our Romanian community here in Winnipeg. They will be performing new songs which will make you feel like you stepped on a plane and landed in Romania.

Romanian Pavilion 2013
Bronx Community Centre, 720 Henderson Hwy., Winnipeg, MB

Immerse yourself in our rich culture and traditions at the Romanian Pavilion. Our artistic show features talented performers from Winnipeg. We proudly present our youth and adult performers who will bring alive the beautiful dances and traditions from all regions of Romania. Our cultural display will feature interesting and surprising facts about Romania. This year we will offer you 100% authentic Romanian food, prepared with love and care by our own professional chef. You will have the opportunity to taste our famous Chicken Dracula with a generous side of garlic dip, delicious sausage and beans, cabbage a la Cluj, vegetarian meals and tasty side dishes, including polenta with cheese and sour cream, Dracula’s ears, traditional desserts, coffee and herbal teas. The bar will be serving a variety of imported Romanian wine and beer, as well as local beer and non-alcoholic beverages. Come on in and enjoy! The Romanian Pavilion is sponsoredby The Romanian Society of Manitoba Inc.


Folklorama is the largest and longest-running multicultural festival in the world, with more than 40 pavilions participating for a period of two weeks each August. Next Folkarama is August 3 to 16, 2014.

Organizing Committee 2013

  • Pavilion Coordinator: Adrian Solomon
  • Assistant Pavilion Coordinator    Eugen Frincu
  • Bar Chairperson Wilf Jacson
  • Culinary Chairperson Irina Trefi
  • Financial Chairperson:    Nicoleta Oprea
  • Media Chairperson:    Julian Giubega
  • Entertainment Chairperson:    Isabela Giubega/ Andrea Rozbacher
  • Volunteer Chairperson:    Angarta Frincu
  • Group Tours Chairperson:    Camelia Oros
  • Admissions Chairperson:    Camelia Stefanovici
  • Vip Chairperson:    Doreen Bain
  • Cultural Display Chairperson:    Laurian Stroescu
  • Sponsorship Chairperson:    Julian Giubega
  • Souvenirs Chairperson:    Mihaela Radu
  • Choreographers Isabela Giubega/andrea Rozbacher
  • Pavilion Ambassadors: Lucas Giubega, David Nacu, Isabela Giubega, Adrianna Kollar
  • Master Of Ceremonies: Julian Giubega, Eugen Frincu



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