#NXNE – Psycho Mad Sally @ The Bovine, Toronto | JUN 19

NXNE presents a night of punk, metal, garage, doom, hardcore and more with Psycho Mad Sally at The Bovine on June 19!

NXNE presents…

A night of punk, metal, garage, doom, hardcore and more at The Bovine!!!

Psycho Mad Sally
Thursday, June 19 at 9:00pm

Bovine Sex Club
542 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario M5V 2B5


9pm – Psycho Mad Sally (Toronto Gyspy Punk)

10pm – Drugs In Japan (Toronto Garage Punk)

11pm – GHXST (NYC Bluesy Doom)

12am – The New Enemy (Toronto Hardcore Punk)

1am – Sumo Cyco (Hamilton Nu-Metal) 

2am – Tartar Control (Los Angeles Mormon Hardcore)

Psycho Mad Sally

  • Psycho Mad Sally is an independent Grunge-Gypsy-Punk-Metal band. With extensivelive shows and appearances, the band has grown in sound, style, and strength, emerging as pioneers of an individual and energetic original voice that separates them from the pack. You won’t easily forget them. Hypersonic Line Up: Sasha Nevskaya -Vocals; Andrei Sin – Guitar; Jennifer Melvin- Violin; John Lalley – Drums; Max Morin – bass.
  • Sasha Nevskaya is an energetic and magnetic performer with raunchy and earthy vocal chops. Sasha is a poet and a former Slam performer. She and her songwriting partner Andrei Sin, a local Rock N Roll/Metal guitarist and songwriter, teamed up in early 2010 and immediately began writing together.
  • Andrei’s Romanian Rock N Roll precision and Sasha’s impulsive, Russian madcap spontaneity fueled intense performances that quickly captivated audiences in early shows. Andrei’s folk-Gypsy Romanian roots play an important role in the creative process. Combined with Sasha’s rowdy approach, it digs in
  • http://www.psychomadsally.com/
  • https://www.facebook.com/psychomadsally


  • North by Northeast (NXNE) is an annual music and arts festival held each June in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The festival’s main focus has always been live music, but it also includes a film festival, a comedy festival, art components, and a digital interactive media conference. In 2013, NXNE marked its 19th consecutive year with over 1,000 music performers and an overall attendance of 350,000. The 2014 edition sees NXNE expanding to 10 days. It will run June 13–22.
  • NXNE began in 1995, patterned on the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. It has since grown from a three-day discovery festival of mainly local, unsigned, independent artists into a marquee event on Toronto’s entertainment calendar and a cornerstone of North America’s annual festival circuit.
  • http://nxne.com/


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