Campul Romanesc – Asociatia Culturala Romana, Hamilton

Campul Romanesc este locul unde romanii din Ontario se intalnesc cu ocazia diferitelor evenimente organizate de Asociatia Culturala Romana, Hamilton.

A Not-for-profit organization that was set up in 1957, The Romanian Cultural Association-Hamilton is an organization that not only advocates the empowerment of people through maintaining family traditions & pride, but also the protection of the environment, as well as respect for cultural differences.

Our purpose is to preserve, promote and celebrate the rich culture Romanian and Romanian-Canadians share. Through our events we strengthen families, help grow a sustainable regional economy, cultivate leadership and philanthropy, and foster respect for all.

The organization is open to all Canadians of a Romanian descent and through its events, provides opportunities for everyone to build strong kids, strong families and strong communities. We achieve our goals through outstanding cultural programs, language classes, educational lectures, regional dinners and much more.

The association supports artists across various artistic disciplines, such as performing arts, visual arts and fine crafts, media and digital arts, literary arts, interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary arts, and creative design.

The RCA’s hall & grounds are used on regular basis as follows:

  • Picnics: The hall and the camp grounds are used on a regular basis from May to the end of October for picnics and folk art competitions. These events are organized by RCA, St. George Romanian Church (Toronto), St. John the Baptist Romanian Church (Kitchener), Holly Resurrection Orthodox Church (Hamilton) or other ethnic communities such as Vasco Da Gama Association (Portuguese assoc. from Toronto) and Uruguay community from Toronto).
  • Yearly Summer Cultural / Camping Week: every year in July, RCA organizes a family cultural/camping week with international participants willing to share their knowledge of Romanian culture & traditions with the participants. A number of conferences are giver daily, by invitees coming from Europe, USA & Canada. The emphasis is on living and “testing” Romanian food and traditions while enriching our lives with Canadian experiences
  • Basarabia Day, New Year day and other National days’ celebrations: such festive days are organized with an artistic program as well as conferences in order to preserve & teach the young generation about Romanian history. These events are organized in collaboration with other Romanian organizations and Romanian newspaper representatives. The hall is used for the rehearsals as well as for the celebration itself
  • Christmas & Easter parties: these events are held at the RCA’s Hall, following the customs of the old country. Members of the younger generation are taught Romanian Christmas carols, pride & significance of wearing traditional folk costumes as well as decorating & painting Easter eggs and preparing a traditional Romanian festive meal.
  • Art studios: although at the moment we have no space for working artists, RCA had many artists as members in the past who worked outside, in the trailers, tents or outside the hall. Some of their work had been displayed in different exhibits (see Doru Cioata’s summer paintings exhibits) and some of their work has made the Camp’s ground their home (see Nicapetre sculptures).
  • The RCA’s library: The organization has a vast library equipped with books, multimedia material, and cultural resources for the teaching and diffusion of the Romanian language and culture. The library is open to all visitors when any of the above activities take place

Events / Examples of generating RCA’s revenues:

  • Yearly Summer Cultural Week – donations are received for food & accommodation
  • Halloween, New Year and any other fundraising  events/parties
  • Summer picnics – BBQ, cultural events, exhibition with work of well-known painters and writers
  • Membership
  • Whole Sponsors
  • Raffle Tickets at various events
  • Special Sponsors (Gifts for: table tennis tournament, New Year prizes, etc)
  • Personal / Corporate Donations.

Romanian Cultural Association / Asociatia Culturala Romana din Hamilton (ACR)

  • 1300 Garth Str. P.O. Box 79019 RPO Garth, Hamilton, ON, L9C 7N6

Campul Romanesc

  • 395 Concession 10 E, Hamilton, L0R 1H2
  • 905-659-7193

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