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AVDB Designs (Toronto)

AVDB Designs - Andrea van den Boschranck

AVDB Designs offers many designs sure to please any fashionista. From massive necklaces which make a statement to fine, delicate bracelets, Andrea van den Boschranck designs a variety of pieces for a multitude of personalities.

Custom work is also available. Andrea will work closely with you to ensure your vision of the perfect piece materializes. Our mission is to allow you to don yourself in pieces that “are you”.

If for any reason you don’t like the piece, ship it back to us within a week. Full refund provided, except for shipping cost. If the piece is damaged, lost or malfunctioning (too big, too small) a full refund is available. You also have the choice of shipping it back for us to fix. We just ask to be let know within one week after receiving the item.

We fix all our pieces. Let’s face it, it happens: you drop your choker on concrete, you get your bracelet stuck in the door knob, you pull your necklace over your head. Pieces break, but don’t despair. We can replace stones you chip, chains you break, beads you loose, etc at wholesale prices We won’t even charge for labour. That’s customer appreciation!

Andrea van den Boschranck is a jewelry designer based in Toronto, Canada. See her profile at



AVDB Designs - Andrea van den Boschranck