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Accretion by Bogdan Luca @ Neubacher Shor Contemporary | NOV 28 – DEC 21

Accretion is a term describing the growth of a massive object by gravitationally attracting more matter.

In the context of this exhibition, Accretion is about time as material for creating images. A form of memento mori, this work connects a mundane experience with something about the imagined infinite. Tangible experiences of daily life meet with the sense of a sublime realm, larger than life and consciousness.

“As a painter, I have the sensation that images (regardless of medium) remain always removed, somehow distant. Perhaps the historic and ritualized use of images capitalized on this, their greatest potential: to transport one to an alternative realm outside of physical and embodied experience.

Within the parameters of Accretion, my intention is to bridge the transcendent quality of images with a sense of physical presence relative to a particular here and now. This body of work comprises drawings on paper, photographic work and a site specific drawing.

The drawings are melodramatic, romantic clichés of the natural and cosmic sublime, expressed through the most basic material means of drawing. They are images that can transport us elsewhere.

The lens based images are documentary in nature: composite images that retell my efforts to become familiar with a specific time and place. The framed works each contain one hour of UferHallen Berlin and Frankfurt airport. The smaller photographic images relay my attempt at finding correspondences between the cosmic as a imaginary realm and the specific terrain under foot in Toronto.

Finally, the site specific drawing connects the photographic work with the drawings by addressing the specificity of the gallery as both a site with a history of mixed use and the play of light on its current physical configuration. It is the only piece that truly exists in the world, in a way different than an image. It also has a life cycle: it will change over the exhibition period, and it will die at the end.”

Accretion by Bogdan Luca – Opening Reception
Thursday, November 28, 2013 @ 6pm to 8pm

Accretion by Bogdan Luca – Solo Gallery
November 28 to December 21, 2013

Neubacher Shor Contemporary
5 Brock Avenue, Toronto


Bogdan Luca

  • An OCAD University graduate and Toronto based artist, creates work that expresses an interest in the culture of images and their role in shaping our sense of reality.