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Romanian Canadian Cultural Association of Calgary (RCCAC)

The Romanian Canadian Cultural Association of Calgary (RCCAC), Asociatia Culturala Româno-Canadiană din Calgary, is a non-profit association that provides a community voice for the Romanian-ethnic Albertans, who bring their contribution to the development of culture, arts, and Romanian heritage in Alberta, as fundamental to Alberta’s quality of life. RCCAC is a pro-active multicultural organization with a growing, active and informed membership, open to everyone.

RCCAC is an effective advocate, promotes intellectual freedom, collaborates with with individuals and parties interested in achieving excellence in priorities such as, people, prosperity and preservation, and embraces the ideals of equality, equity, freedom, respect for individuals and groups, as a principle fundamental to the success and growth of our Province and Country.

Board of Directors (2013)

  • Tudor Dinca, President
  • Adrian Glavan, Vice-President Economic Affairs
  • Lelia Miron, Vice-President Cultural Affairs
  • Mihaela Rotaru, Treasurer
  • Ion Beraru, Director, Social Services Department
  • Liliana Suciu, Secretary


  • OLD Y Centre  #203, 223–12 Avenue S.W., Calgary, Alberta

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