Canadian Romanian Society Of Alberta (CRSOA)

The Canadian Romanian Society of Alberta (CRSOA) was incorporated as a non-profit organization on April 4, 1978.

The Canadian Romanian Society of Alberta (CRSOA) was incorporated as a non-profit organization on April 4, 1978. The idea of forming a Romanian organization was first discussed at an Annual Meeting of the Sts. Constantine and Elena Church. Grants from the Provincial Government were being discussed at the meeting, although churches or religious organizations did not qualify for grants. Thus, the idea of creating a Romanian organization with no religious ties, was born.

Steve Axani took the idea to William Yurko, a Member of the Alberta Legislative Assembly, to assist. Eventually, a Society was incorporated,with the signatures of the following people who were appointed to the Board: Steve Axani, William Yurko, Mike G. Toma, Mike Perozni, Nick G. Hauca, Constantine Yurko, Dorothy Markowski, Constantine Tkachuk, and witnessed by Douglas Porozni.

Purpose and Objectives

  • To preserve, foster and promote Romanian culture, language, heritage, history and genealogy.
  • To collect, restore, preserve and display artifacts, historical objects, buildings, literature and such other things as they may relate or are an integral part of the pioneering history of settlers of Romanian origin who settled in Canada and primarily in the territory that became the Province of Alberta.
  • To provide and maintain a museum for the general public to display artifacts and such other things as may relate to Romanian pioneers and Romanian culture.
  • To assist with the administration of rental housing for senior citizens at the Romanian House/Casa Romana.
  • To honor and recognize the accomplishments of Albertans of Romanian origin and their offspring.
  • To promote and conduct events which give recognition to Romanian culture and tradition.
  • To promote and conduct events which give recognition to the culture and customs of the Romanian pioneers who settled in Alberta.
  • To promote the well-being of Canadian residents of Romanian descent residing in the

Board of Members (2013)

  • President: Richard Toma
  • Treasurer: Les Lutic
  • Secretary: Michelle Esanu
  • Vice-President: Peter Lacatusu
  • Auditor: Lillian Bezovie
  • Auditor: Anamarie Pandi
  • Auditor: Tony Ciocan
  • Auditor: Nick Bututoiu
  • Auditor: John Slanina

Romanian Pioneer Museum of Boian

Canadian Romanian Society of Alberta manages the Romanian Pioneer Museum of Boian. The first identified and recorded Romanians who came to Canada settled in Saskatchewan from 1896 to 1900. The first settlers to Alberta from Boian, Bucovina came in early 1898. They were Ichim Yurko and Elie Ravliuk. They settled in an area in Alberta that they named Boian after their home town in Bucovina. By January 1901, approximately 100 Romanian families were settled in the Boian district. Smaller groups of Romanian settlers settled in rural Alberta districts such as Ispas, Shepenge, Midway, Malin, Hamlin, Desjarlais, Shalka, Borowich, Zhoda, Soda Lake and Smoky Lake.


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The Historical Book of Boian

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